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Fireside: The James Johnson Story available now on Amazon and Barnes and Noble

“Fireside: The James Johnson Story,” is the first of the Fireside series. The book is set in Atlanta Georgia, in an Assisted Living Center where wonderful, enjoyable characters bring life to this makeshift home. Cops eat with hookers and janitors eat with CEOs, while they are led by their beloved, red-headed rebellious nurse, who covers her tattoos with a lab jacket by day and shoots tequila on the dance floor at night. Each book in the series focuses on a resident, just arriving to Fireside. This debut novel focuses on James Johnson, a black sharecropper’s son who falls in love with his high school sweetheart, Estelle, a petite, white girl from a broken home.

Thanks to Amy M. Le and Quill Hawk Publishing for fantastic guidance during this journey. I so appreciate your hard work and dedication.

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"You know you've read a good book when you turn the last page and feel a little as if you have lost a friend."

Paul Sweeney

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Dee Britt grew up in the small town of Anadarko, Oklahoma. When she wasn't playing basketball and running track, she was active in the United Methodist Church, where her parents were youth group leaders. As a young adult, Dee fronted various bands. Her songwriting revealed a passion for story writing and eventually led to her first book, Fireside: The James Johnson Story. The setting for Fireside, and the flavor of its characters, rose out of Dee's experiences with her “day job” as a physical therapist to countless assisted living center patients. While this book is not reflective of any one person or setting, it is an effort to give back – and give a voice – to those whose history is often overlooked simply because they are older or infirm. To her patients who have taught her about the important things in life, Dee sends a big thank you.

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All that glitters is not God

Fireside: The Wes Lyons Story is the second book in the Fireside series. Also set in the Fireside assisted living center, this book explores the diverse, resilient, and funny residents living there. They look to their beloved, rebellious nurse, Ginger, to care for them. She advocates for them by day with her tattoos covered by a crisp lab coat, and lets her hair down at night in the dance clubs of Atlanta. This book focuses on Pastor Wes Lyons, a world renowned televangelist. After life's storms bring him to his knees, he finds himself in Fireside, a broken man. Reflection chapters flash-back to his days as a young man growing up as an energetic, hippie and pastor's son in the 1970's; and a celebrity evangelist as decades passed. After all the years of challenge and failure, can he find his way back to success and prominence?

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