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Author, Dee Britt

Dee Britt grew up in the small town of Anadarko, Oklahoma where and when it wasn't unusual to leave the back door unlocked or sit on the front porch just to get some relief from a sweltering Oklahoma day. When she wasn't playing girls’ basketball and running track, she was active in the United Methodist Church, where her parents were youth group leaders. As a young adult, Dee discovered a talent for singing and fronted various bands, singing cover tunes and writing original songs along the way. Her songwriting revealed a passion for story writing and eventually led to her first book, Fireside: The James Johnson Story.

The setting for Fireside, and the flavor of its characters,rose out of Dee's experiences with her "day job." A physical therapist to countless assisted living patients since graduating from the University of Oklahoma in 1985, she found herself drawn to their stories. Dee continues to learn from the integrity, perseverance, morality, and humor of her patients. While this book is not reflective of any one person or setting, it is an effort to give back – and give a voice – to those whose history is often overlooked simply because they are older or infirm. To her patients who have taught her about the important things in life, Dee sends a big thank you. 

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